M. Sullivan


1917                 Born March 19 in Chicago’s South Shore area

                         Father John was a Chicago Police Officer

1920s               Grew up in South Shore and attended O’Keefe Elementary School

1935                 Graduated from Parker High School in the Chicago Public Schools

1938                 Earned Teaching Certificate, Chicago Teachers College (now Chicago State University)

1939                 Began teaching career at O. T. Bright Elementary School

1940-1943        Earned B. A., M. A., and M. S., DePaul University

1940s               Teacher at Bright and Throop Elementary; Wells and Englewood High Schools

1952                 Principal, Bryant Elementary School

1957                 Earned Doctoral Degree, Harvard University (Graduate School of Education)

1961                 Principal, Crane High School

1964                 Principal, Bowen High School

1965                 Superintendent Chicago Public School District 8 (Lawndale & Garfield Park)

1966                 CPS General Superintendent Willis asked Dr. Sullivan to address attendance & achievement challenges in District 8

1966                 BOE approved Dr. Sullivan’s plan to open 4 Child-Parent Education Centers using Tile I

1967                 Cole, Hansberry, Dickens, and Olive CPCs open

1968                 Services continue until at least second grade for original cohort

1969                 Wheatley and Miller CPCs open

1970                 Promoted to Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Chicago Public School District

1971                 Published “Let us not underestimate the children” (Scott Foresman)

                         Co-authored Multi-sensory Reading System for Elementary Grades (Scott Foresman)

1970s               CPC expansion to 25 sites

1977                 Changes instituted in financing—Title I, PreK & K; State Chapter 1/BOE, grades 1-3

1970s               CPC expanded to 25 sites

1977                 Retired from CPS

1977                 Moved full-time to Fontana, WI near Lake Geneva

1978                 Principal, St. Francis de Sales Elementary School in Lake Geneva, WI for a decade

1987                 Retired from St. Francis

1997                 Met Chicago Longitudinal Study Team

1998-2000        Interviewed for CPC History Project

                         Donates many original documents to Chicago Longitudinal Study

2000                 Volume on CPC program published and includes history documents

2007                 Moved to Lake Forest, IL

2011                 Advisor to University of Minnesota on i3 Project Application to USDE

2012                 Midwest CPC PreK to Grade 3 Expansion Project Begins

31 sites implement program including 17 in Chicago

2013                 Died on October 3 at age 96. Vision continues.